May 19, 2013 | by Global Administrator


Security Seed's Josh Bailey published an article earlier about the potential impact of in furrow fertilizers in 2013. This is a picture of 2 plants he dug up Thursday. The plant on the left is larger and healthier. You guessed it, that plant was treated with a starter (4 gallons of Pro Germinator & 4 Gallons of Sure K from Agro Culture Liquid Fertilzers). The surprise is that the larger plant was actually planted 2 DAYS LATER than the plant on the right.

May 22, 2013 | by Global Administrator

Another great demonstration of starter fertilizer results from one of our research plots.

The plant on the right had 3 gallons of Pro-Germinator and 2 quarts of Micro500 with 1 quart of SekureLink Actuate. Plant on the left had no starter fertility program. The fertility program for the field was 3 tons of Broiler Litter. The Actuate is bringing out the best in the soil fertility from the litter.

June 21, 2012 | by Global Administrator

Cercospora Leaf Blight, Gray Leaf, Common Rust Jason Key was scouting NK 39-A3 soybeans this morning and found what appears to be Cercospora Leaf Blight. Look at an application of Domark, TopGuard, Headline or Quadris if disease pressure warrants application.
Also, John Allen reported finding Grey Leaf and Common Rust in the corn he was scouting that was just getting ready to tassel. Everyone is reporting that the V4-V7 corn fungicide treatments are still looking good and holding off disease pressures. It's important to make this application, we're seeing good results this year under unusual conditions, so be sure to remember your V4-V7 treatments in 2013.

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